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It would seems that everything in our house is breeding. This time its the turn of the apple snails.  This cluster of eggs has been laid on the side of the terrapin tank a the top of a picture of a strand of seaweed which amused me.  This clutch should take 2-5 weeks to hatch.  I have a nursery tank waiting for them, and may use a breeding net to keep them in so they are in the same tank, however, not decided as yet.  I should know in a few days or so if there is life within.  If in 5 weeks nothing has hatched, then I will be removing the cocoon off the side and opening it. This is for two reasons, first, if it is not fertile then a smelly mess will be inside, and second, if it does contain life, they will need the help to get them hatched, and this will do it.  So as always, watch this space to see if there was life.