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Yet more eggs, but I have not disposed of these as the first batch don’t seem to have come to anything apart from a crumbling mess, so I kept these ones. Only 20, so I don’t hold much hope for them to be honest, and doubt that this is the best time of year for breeding them.  It is cold, although the tank is a nice temperature I think the night time lul in extra heat is killing any life within the eggs.

On Saturday we went to a few pet shops in Liverpool and found GALS on sale in both, one was selling them for £1, and the other for £9.  I would not mind, but the ones for £9 really did look like they needed a little moisture as the shells where old looking and sort of dull and ragged.  The ones for £1 were only little ones, and looked in good health, however, neither had the ones I wanted, as I want a different breed of GALS than the ones I have currently. So the search goes on.