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One of my favourite podcasts, where Brenda and her husband (Mr Boo) chat about all manner of things, from sex, to cleaning, travel to loneliness.  Always entertaining and always thought provoking.

I discovered her (well, not entirely) through another podcast I listen to; Vera Speaks!  She kept phoning Vera’s listener line, and leaving messages, which Vera would play incessantly.  She would always start by saying “Hello again, it’s Brenda Boo!”, which seemed to stick, and thus her show was brought into the world screaming and kicking!

One day, Brenda decided to do a podcast that caused me to near crash my car, not once, but twice, due to be laughing that hard.  A few nights earlier I had used what she calls “British Slang”, or what we call modern English, and had asked me to email her with all the slang that I could think about, so being the every willing assistant, I emailed her a large array of slang, and to be honest, some of it was a little cause.  She tweeted me a few days later, and said that she had dedicated part of her show to what I had sent.  I thought that it would just be a reading to the American and other world wide fans that she has, but thankfully I was so wrong.  She mentioned that I had sent her some slang, and that seemed to be the end of it, then started to tell of a Doctors report that she had found in the bin at the hospital that she had worked at, and started to read the report, using every bit of slang that I had sent her.  Did I mention that she decided from time to time to do a Dick Van Dyke English accent? No? Well she did, and Eric joined in too. Oh, yes, the Doctor was English too!  I digress slightly. I was on my way home with my Hubby listening away, on a road that has 4 roundabouts in a row, so one should concentrate whilst traversing such a thing.  Roundabout One; I was laughing, but keeping composure.  Roundabout two; tears tripping down my face, and close to loosing control of the car.  Roundabout three; see roundabout two.  Roundabout four; laughing but in full control after composing myself by pulling over to calm down.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a comedy podcast, but it has lots of laughter, some tears, and the urge to send hugs across the pond.

There is a link to the left, and I suggest you go listen, you won’t regret it, I didn’t.