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Born in the late 60’s I was old enough to enjoy the music maelstrom of the 80’s and 90’s, and loved it all, every last ounce of it.  From Bauhaus to Duran Duran, and Skid Row to Fields of the Nephilim.  Mostly I love the alternative stylings of the likes Japan, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, to name but three.  Goth music was the ultimate thing for me, and still today at the age of 41 I listen to them, right now I am listening to Bauhaus’ Press Eject & Give Me The Tape, which was from 1982. Interesting fact, it was recorded in Liverpool at the Royal Court 31st October 1981, which was a theatre that I spent may a happy evening at for many years, seeing the likes of Fields of the Nephilim, The Damned, All About Eve, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Stiff Little Fingers, UK Subs & 999.  The list goes on and on into the several hundreds.

The bands and artists may have gone, but my playlist still keeps them alive and kicking.  I play some tracks for my partner to hear, but alas, falls on deaf ears tuned to a different genre of music.

On occasion, BBC television replays a “Top of the Pops” from that era, and I lament over those hazy halcyon days that I would re-enact at a moments notice if given the chance.  Gigs in shitty dives that would be condemned at todays standard, warm beer, black clothing, patchouly oil, bondage pants, mohicans, no health and safety, being crushed at barriers, spitting at Captain Sensible (The Damned), crowd surfing, slam dancing, and generally just having the times of our lives.

I did not drive back then, but a friend did, and we toured the country in search of gigs.  She was into Rock, more glam than anything, but I liked some of it, so we drove up and down the country, London, Sheffield, Birmingham, Donnington, Liverpool, Preston, anywhere there was a gig we wanted to see, we where there.  On occasion I did have to use busses and coaches, in particular to see more heavier gigs, like Nine Inch Nails, who where playing at Wembley Stadium, Widnes to see Fields of the Nephilim, and so on.

Creaming Jesus was a great gig, at Planet X in Liverpool.  Whilst Andy the lead singer was doing his thing, he put his hand up and grabbed onto the ceiling and leant forward, but alas his weight was a little heavy to be supported by the ceiling, which promptly gave way, and he and the said ceiling crashed to the ground, but being a professional, he carried on singing under the rubble.  A memory that will never leave me to the day I die.

Gwar was a fun gig too.  Playing at The Crazy House, also in Liverpool, these guys dress up in latex beast men suits and whilst performing enact sexual acts including wanking & anal sex, suicide, decapitation, and general carnage, spraying the crowd with fake blood, spunk, shit, you name it, it was sprayed at us.  I have no idea what they used to make the fake fluids, but they sure stained everything, including skin, and took days on end of scrubbing to get rid of it.  I crowd surfed together with my friend and fellow Goth Jane, and we had the time of our lives.

Those days are in the distant past, and move away faster than I can begin to remember, or indeed lament over, but as long as I have my playlist, iPod, and my hearing I will take my personal wormhole back in time to those days of misspent youth.