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Conditions must great in my snail vivarium as they seem to be breeding again.  I already had a clutch of eggs which was at a count of 111. Yes slightly less than the original count as some of the eggs crumbled. Today I removed another clutch of eggs, this count was 126. However, it does not stop there. Whilst I was giving the tank a little clean, one of the snails was buried, which means only one thing, more eggs.  I lifted the tank and had a look from below, and yes, another clutch of eggs. S/he is still with the eggs, so s/he may be still laying, but as soon as the coast it clear, I will be removing them and doing a count, but so far 237.

One of the things I have to now take into account is the fact that as they are not native to this country, it is illegal to let them out into the wild so I have read.  This will mean I have three choices, 1 to keep them all, 2 to sell them, or 3 to euthanise them at the egg stage.  The last choice will mean putting the eggs in the deep freeze, which will kill any life within and thus solve what seems to be a thriving population.  So far I am not sure what to do.  I read on a site that the hatch rate of the eggs are quite poor, but on inspection I see little colours through the egg shell and can see there is a wee snails in them, so who knows.