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The other year, I decided to try solargraphy, and this was the result after 6 months exposure.  The picture was taken using pin hole technique with a  small piece of black and white photo paper, which was placed inside a 35mm black film canister. Then taped to the window frame outside.  Photo one was a view of the rail line, photo two was from the rear of the house, and the final photo was from taken from the same place as number one, but at a different angle.

I love experimental photography, it has unusual results, especially the fact that I have used black and white paper and this was the result.  This is how the finished items look, however, to stop them going black instantly, they have to placed in a bath of fixer so that no more light will affect it.

I intend to do a bigger one 1 day and leave it there for a year, looking into the sky showing the suns pattern or rise and fall.