Well, bedroom maybe.  Although I know it goes agains the second law of thermodynamics, I would like to live with the romantic thought that we do have a ghost  living existing here. We have heard noises, very loud noises in the night, a mumbling voice that we cannot explain to this day.  Anyway, my mobile was on the bed side cabinet, as it has been for many years, and decided to fall off it.  I looked, saw it on the floor, and put it back and carried on opening the blinds to all the windows, and thump, it was on the floor again.  I picked it up, put it back and then left the room, and thump, again on the floor.  So I picked it up again, put it back and stood still, and nothing, it just sat there, as it should. I left the room and again it hit the deck.  So I told the Hubby, and we walked in to see it sliding across the top of the cabinet and promptly fell to the floor. It has never done it till today, and when I came back home this afternoon, put it there and waited, and it never moved.  We call the “spirit” Bob, as we know Bob died in our bedroom about 20 years ago, so you never know.  I am sure there is a logical explanation to all of this, but I have not found it as yet. Maybe its just a new app from Apple that I installed accidentally….