I said in a previous post that I was going to do some cooking with Lavender. Well my 50g bag arrived yesterday, as it was a sealed bag, there was no fragrance off it at all. I opened it, and it was intoxicating to say the least. I put it in an air tight storage jar till today.

Today I made a net bag so that I cold have the lavender in the caster sugar without it distributing itself throughout.  This will make it easier to control the fragrance of the sugar to a strength I require.  This sugar will be used as toppings for biscuits like shortbread.

Once the bag was sewn up properly, I just added it to half a kilo of sugar, shook it up so that the bag was at the bottom, and now I will leave it for a week, then test the strength of the sugar.  This really should take between one and three weeks to get to the perfect strength, checking every few days after the first initial week.

I wish I could share the fragrance from it with you all, it is a fantastic smell.