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We all have them, some we will never admit to, or if we do, only to those we trust not to spill the proverbial beans.  I, on the other hand don’t care, and admit to having guilty pleasures, especially in the music division.  Tonight, I find that I have taken a step back in time, and am listening to an album I bought back in 1993 called Massive Luxury Overdose by Army of Lovers. Who? I hear you say.  They were a rather flamboyant Swedish group formed in 1987. We are talking total Euro-Pop, but I love it. Totally goes against the grain of music I usually listen to, but one does really have to give in to the odd little pleasure.  Back then I was big into heavy metal, goth, and thrash metal. On saying that I still am, but have fluctuations to little nuances like this.

I love retro-funk too like Deee-Lite which is playing as I write this this “Rhino Hi-Five” album to be exact. B52’s are guiltless pleasure, which I have my friend Jane to thank for introducing me to when she played Rock Lobster.

Other guilty pleasures? Yes, lots of them, but I think for now, we will stick with just this one, and add others at a later date.

Do you have guilty pleasures? What are they, or dare you not say?