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Less than a week to go and we have had to finally clean the car, and it looks like a new one now, thank god.  The new car should be getting delivered on Saturday, and I for one cannot wait to get it.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked my Pug 207, but enough was enough.  It was getting harder and harder for the Hubbie to get in to it due to it being so low, but the amount of problems that we have had with it really has run the gamut.  It’s sulking at the moment, and every time I start the bugger and pull off it stalls, then won’t start immediately, but I have to wait.  A quick flash of “engine diagnostic problem” on the dash, then it starts and we have no problem unless I leave it for 6+ hours then it may or may not happen again.  I guess it knows its going, and is having a last ditch attempt to piss me off.

One of the things I did note, apart from the half tonne of sand from the beach I seem to be carrying about in it, is the amount of crap that has accumulated all the little pockets that are about the car, enough to fill an Ikea blue bag, so with that out and all the sand, I think it will be a lot lighter, may even get a bit better MPG from it, but I doubt it.

One final thing I know, I will never buy French again! Enough said!