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I LOVE lavender, and this year, I am going to cook with it.  My first will be to do Lavender Shortbread.  Last year I decided to harvest the French lavender buds I had in the garden, however, there just was not enough to use in anything substantial, like cake or shortbread. So, with that I am willing to cheat, but this did not come as easily as I thought.  We live not too far from “The Lavender Farm”, which does all things, you guessed it, lavender. But, with all the will in the world, the farm had gone into liquidation, so it was back to the drawing board. None of the shops that I use, including John Lewis have such things either, so I had a choice to either grow lots in the garden, or troll the internet. Growing would mean little harvest at the end of summer, so the internet it was.

I will be posting details of what I cook, and what I think of it, and will include recipes and photographs of the finished items.