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Life seems to be full of disappointments and let downs, and it happens all the time these days.

We need a stairlift and a wet room for my Partner, and were told just before the new year that we would be able to get a 100% grant to have it done, so here we are in the new year, and I called the Council to apply for the grant was was met by a female operative on the phone who spoke to me like I had just murdered someone.  Usually, I would have exploded at this as I do not like being spoken to like dirt.  We were asking for a little bit of help for my disabled husband, nothing more than others do all the time.   She asked questions about finance etc., in the same shitty tone. I bit my lip, but all I could hear in my head was “either tell her to fuck off, or ask her have I offended you, because I really don’t like the tone you are taking with me”.  But I drowned it out and kept on with the relentless questions which answers were repeated back to me in a condescending tone, together with the shitty tone, which increased ten fold when she asked referred to my parter as her, and I answered and said Him.

The final result was that I would have to find £4000.00 in order to get the grant! I asked, where am I supposed to get this type of money as I am in a low paid job, had been unemployed for just over 4 months and have not even had my first months salary. This was met with stony silence.  I asked other questions, all of which were met with the same silence.  £4000 would pay for all that we need, so I cannot understand why she even bothered with the questions.

So, not only a shitty condescending attitude, but stonewalled too. When I enquired once, we were told to move house.  This is our home of 9 years, my hubby feels happy here and safe.

It would seem that if I was a lazy bastard and did NOT want to work, and scrounged off the state, or was a foreign national, then I would be fully entitled to it.  We get no help at all, always paid our taxes, never been in trouble with the police, and have been upstanding members of the community, helped others, donated monthly to charities, helped the homeless, and really for what? To be kicked and knocked down.

So I ask, is there any point anymore?