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My postbox seems to be empty these days now that Christmas and Birthday have passed.

I used to get postcards from all over the world as I used to be part of Postcrossing, but what started out as something that I enjoyed, turned out to be something that I started to get totally pissed off with.

Why? Well, I can sent 12 at a time via the site, but instead of receiving 12 cards back due to mine landing at the recipients that seemed to stop, with more and more cards turning into “lost” cards.  Now this can mean that either people are not registering the cards, which I am lead to believe happens quite a lot, or they get lost.  The odd card getting lost, even though I make sure that the address is exactly as per the recipients instructions, I can live with, but I sent 12, and not one arrived.  After 60 days, they are recorded as being lost, and I can send another 12, however, me being me, I decided to re-send the 12 as I had the addresses still, and a further 2.  I sent them from different places so that they were not all clumped up together, and only 1 arrived.  So, out of 26 cards sent at a cost of about 60p per card, and 78p per stamp comes to £35.88 of lost money, because the one that arrived should have triggered a card coming to me, but NO, nothing arrived, which means that they could have looked at the stats, seen so many loses and thought stuff that.  Not at all a good prospect.

My partner was also part of Postcrossing, and he was sending cards, but only a few at a time, and as he was not doing it each week, just as and when, some little bitch emailed he saying that she had our address but was not going to sent the card unless he agreed to send her one, which is against the rules. You cannot demand one in return, as that means for every one you send you get two back.  Again he never got one from her, and he decided that he could not be bothered with it either.

This really goes to show how people can make what should be a fun thing into something quite vile, with the loses, lack of registration, and demands.  If people abided by the rules and played properly, life could and would be fun.