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Indeed I am, and have been too busy to write, listen to podcasts, read, bake, or anything really.  I’m not complaining too much, or am I?  Starting a new job has really had its effect on me.  Also I have been sorting out house things too. But again, is this just a rye excuse for being a little lazy on the old keyboard?  Well, no, its not.  I started a new job, so 7:30am to 5:30pm is really taken up, then there is the dog walking, the cooking and eating of dinner, then trying to sort out clothes for the next work day, oh, and don’t forget, preparing lunch to take with me as there is no where to get any from whilst I am at work. That covers up to about 8:30pm most nights, however yesterday I had to install a new cooker, including the electric side, and testing that it won’t electrocute anyone, including me.  Tuesday, I had the gas man round to disconnect the old gas cooker as it was buggered, and then cap off where the gas fire was that I had ripped out, Monday I needed to go shopping, but managed to have a quick hour of doing something else, but I really cannot remember what! So, again, yes I have been too busy to write.

Teachers report – Must try harder!