With that in mind, we all, and I mean all, make resolutions.  Some we stick to, some we don’t, some are easy, but most are a little out there and we know that we won’t stick to then for more that a week at best, but we still have a go.

Last two years I decided my resolution was not to make any, and as a result caused a paradox in the space-time continuum, and of course could not keep such an oxymoronic thing.

I say each year that I will go to college and learn a new subject, this year, I actually did that, and passed not one course but three, and have started a forth.  I changed jobs, and walked out of a job I had been in for over nine years.  I spent four months at home with my better half, enjoying life.  I took up baking again. I started my blog again (after near three years).  All of those things were things I wanted to do, but never did till this year, and were a total result, and I am glad I did each and every one.  So one would think that this coming year I should not bother making resolutions and carry on the way i have been going.

But then there are things like the need for a diet as this baking thing is adding pounds by the dozen.  Slim down my Facebook friends.  Read more.  Learn more.  The list goes on.  So the question is, do I make these resolutions, or just make them part of my essential living, and carry on regardless?