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This was todays subject at the Daily Post.  Something that I have never thought about, but in retrospect I think I would rather read minds than liver forever.  Living forever could be a total bloody bind, and depends really on the health of a person.  I would not like to live forever if I was not able to function properly.  So, read minds is my choice to the topic.

Although I have seen “What Women Want” showing that reading minds could be a bit of a pain in the arse, I still would be happy to do such a thing.  Life would be a little easier with others, knowing what they think of either you or the situation, you could taylor your friends, finally listen to what parents and family really think about you (which I can already do), rather than living with the pretence that they like what you do, or who you are with.

I think that life would be a little easier if mind reading could be performed.