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Our car (Peugeot 207) is two years old today, and really, it just isn’t big enough for us, it’s too low, and has been in the garage far too many times with problems like coolant pump replacement, alternator replacement, heating element replacement, heating housing melted and needed, yes, replacement, and the list just goes on and on and on.

We bit the bullet and decided Japanese was the way to go, and was looking at the following:

Nissan Juke.  We really liked this car, but when we went for a test drive we could not believe how small it was inside.  This was a shame really as it looks great.


Nissan Qashqui, quite a beast, and big inside and out, nice design and lots and lots of extras too, 17″ alloys, cruise control, speed limiter, bluetooth, iPhone & iPod dock, refrigerated compartment, and so much more.


Admittedly, it didn’t take long to decide which one won. The Qashqui! I think looking at the design, it show that I have grown up, if you look at the design in our 207 and the Juke, you can see sportiness and a sort of bad-boy look, especially in the Juke, but the Qashqui seems to be more refined.

Only down side, it’s the wait for it to be manufactured and delivered, which is about 6 weeks.  I am sure it will be here in no time at all.